Welcome: What’s in a Name?

Welcome! For several years, people have been telling me that I should start a blog. My friend LC said something like, “you should start a blog to show people how it’s done.” Obviously, I’m paraphrasing. “It” is … well, I’m not sure what “it” is … being a working mother of three (five if you count the husband), cooking (I am often asked to share my recipes, cooking procedures, etc.), gardening, entertaining, getting through the day-to-day … whatever “it” may be, I decided it’s time to start a blog.

What is the title of this blog about? No, it’s not about artificial intelligence. My middle name is “Ai,” which is Japanese for “love.” And (you may ask) “WHAT according to Ai?” I purposefully didn’t put a noun in front of “according to” because I do not want to limit the scope of this blog. I may not post consistently due to my crazy schedule, and conversely I may post excessively from time-to-time. It will be what it will be. So … stay tuned!

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