So I Ignore My Zucchini Plants for a Day …

… and get this:

2014-06-11 19.18.39

So they’re not exactly “killer zucchini” status, but they’re pretty big. In past years, I have found baseball-bat sized zucchini hiding under the leaves after not diligently checking my garden daily. I’ve been growing Black Beauty Zucchini for several years now. They grow very successfully in my yard without much help: they aren’t too finicky, don’t seem to care too much about water, and always produce. It’s a plant I would highly recommend for a first-time gardener.

These two pictured here were picked today. So far this season, I’ve picked around 10 or so. I’m trying to do better about picking my produce when it’s at a “normal” size. This one got away from me, though. What to do with so much zucchini? I put them in eggs, on pizza, and in stir-fry. A family member also grows zucchini by the bushel-ful. She uses the food processor to cut them up into small pieces and freezes them. Then she makes the best zucchini bread! Maybe I’ll have to go that route if my two Black Beauty plants keep producing the way they have been.

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