Today’s Harvest: My Garden is Confused

So evidently, my garden thinks it’s August 31st rather than October 31st. Most of my plants produced slowly over the course of the summer – never giving me any big harvests at any one time. Some of my tomato plants hardly did anything at all. I’m not sure what happened, but all of a sudden, I look outside and realize that I have food on my plants! I knew it was supposed to rain some today, so in the morning, before the rain (yes, it DID rain in Sacramento today), I got out there and harvested …

2014-10-31 All 6

2014-10-31 All 17

2014-10-31 Peppers 2

 Bulgarian Carrot Pepper

2014-10-31 Peppers 3

 Sweet Canary Bell Pepper & Bulgarian Carrot Pepper

2014-10-31 Peppers 5

Jalapeno Pepper

2014-10-31 Tomatoes & Peppers 2

Sweet Banana Pepper (light green peppers on the right), Amish Paste Tomato (the ovalish ones on the left – not so great to eat raw, but great for making sauces and pastes), Cherry Tomato

2014-10-31 Tomatoes 1

Persimmon Tomato (yellowish), Black Krim Tomato (darkish), Super Sioux Tomato, Hungarian Carrot Pepper

2014-10-31 Tomatoes 5

2014-10-31 Basil 1


2014-10-31 Pumpkins

If you took your kids trick-or-treating this evening, be sure to read about the Switch Witch. Happy Halloween!

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