Pasta for Breakfast?

So this post is about what it’s like to cook for kids: sometimes you end up with odd combinations.

At 5:50 this morning, Nico (2) opens the pantry and screams “PASTA!” Seriously dude, it’s not even 6:00. “You want pasta for breakfast?” “YES!” I swear, the child does not have a medium volume level. “Ok fine, but it’s going to take a little time.“Ok.” My original plan for breakfast was to make scrambled eggs with leftover toppings from dinner the other night … I had made baked potatoes with tons of different toppings. I had leftover scallions from the garden and leftover sauteed zucchini and red swiss chard (also from the garden).


Throwing leftover vegetables into eggs is a great way to make sure we don’t waste food. I put 4 eggs into a bowl and added in the scallions and zucchini-swiss chard mixture with a little salt and pepper. I beat it up and poured it into a medium-high skillet with a little olive oil and butter. I know lots of people like just-cooked scrambled eggs that are still yellow, but I actually like my eggs cooked thoroughly with some brownness on the outside. So I let them cook untouched for a couple minutes, then I stir them around with a wooden spoon. After another couple minutes, I flip them with a spatula and let the other side brown.

I also sliced up a leftover baked potato and simply browned the slices in olive oil and butter with some salt and pepper, letting them get nice and crispy.

For the pasta, I just cooked it and threw it in the bowl with butter, olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Finally, Nico can’t get through a meal without some raw fruit, especially strawberries! In the bowl, I put strawberries and red grapes. It was sort of a strange meal, but my kids ate it up!


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