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Happy Fourth: Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Happy fourth everyone! For the past several years, we’ve hosted July 4th at our house … mostly because Robert (my husband) likes to light fireworks. We get a big box of fireworks and some sparklers for the little kids. The kids go first and that part’s cute. Then we are all entertained not by the fireworks, but by Robert dashing back and forth between lighting the fireworks and safety. Let’s see if Robert burns his eyebrows off this year! Anyhow … of course I don’t have any pictures of the fireworks, but here’s some of the food. I decided to change it up this time Continue reading


Two-Year Old Birthday Party

I’m back! I’m alive! “Where have you been?” one might ask. Well … I was buried under piles and piles of grammar tests, spelling quizzes, paragraphs, and essays to grade (FIVE classes worth!) and dealing with asinine student complaints – “Teacher. Just give me half a point for this test question. PLEASE. Just half a point!” To which I silently said to myself, “No [insert expletive], “He sitting” isn’t [insert a worse expletive] correct.” Aloud I patiently explained that the present continuous tense requires both the correct present tense form of BE and the ing-form of the Continue reading

A Superhero Birthday Party

Maya just turned 5 a couple weeks ago. It was superhero-themed because she wanted both Superman and Batman, which morphed into a generic superhero theme. We hung blue, black, and yellow streamers and paper lanterns (thanks MH!), I got a piece of superhero material to cover the dessert table, Maya wore a one-of-a-kind superhero cape (thanks C!), and we cut out felt superhero masks for each kid to wear. And of course, we don’t have pictures of any of those things, but my husband took pictures of some of the food. It was a relatively small party Continue reading