Florentine Cookies

This cookie is very impressive. It looks super fancy and looks like a lot more work than it actually is. And of course, they are delicious! I’ve had store-bought florentines before, and there is no comparison! Homemade florentines rock! I made them for our July 4th party, and by the end of the night, they were all gone! Here’s the run-down:  Continue reading


Happy Fourth: Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Happy fourth everyone! For the past several years, we’ve hosted July 4th at our house … mostly because Robert (my husband) likes to light fireworks. We get a big box of fireworks and some sparklers for the little kids. The kids go first and that part’s cute. Then we are all entertained not by the fireworks, but by Robert dashing back and forth between lighting the fireworks and safety. Let’s see if Robert burns his eyebrows off this year! Anyhow … of course I don’t have any pictures of the fireworks, but here’s some of the food. I decided to change it up this time Continue reading

Peach Cobbler


My neighbor has 2 peach trees in her backyard and generously gave me a bag full the other day. We ate a few and took some camping, but there were still a lot in the bag. Some of them were starting to go brownish in our 90-100 degree Sacramento heat, so I knew I needed to do something with them quickly. One of my best friends, Kelly, gave me an apple cobbler recipe several years ago. I have used it to make apple, persimmon, and nashi (Asian pear) cobblers, so I thought, why not peach? Here’s the run-down:  Continue reading

Sewing: Ice Cream Cone & Truck

I am definitely not the best seamstress but once in a great while, I get bursts of inspiration and creativity. I have a couple boxes of scrap material and a lot of thread leftover from my late grandmother and late aunt. Maya (5) wanted to start sewing, so I gave her a bunch of scraps of material and threaded a needle for her and she started sewing away. Her request was what actually inspired me. Combing through the random scraps, I came up with an ice cream cone with orange sherbet (because I had an old orange T-shirt) and my interpretation of a truck Continue reading

Food Waste: Leftover Pasta Bake

Global food waste has gotten quite a bit of press lately. According to the EPA, 35 million tons of food are thrown out in the United States alone. Forty percent of food that is grown or produced doesn’t even reach the consumer to begin with. This is obviously an international, national, state, county, and city problem, but the problem of food waste happens in each and every one of our homes as well. My kitchen is no exception. I really try to make use of everything in our fridge, and I really try hard not to waste usable parts of ingredients (see posts about Continue reading

Chicken Bouillabaisse

One of my goals for this summer is to try cooking as many new things as possible. I love skimming through my piles of cookbooks. I really like Jacques Pepin – I remember watching him cook with Julia Child on PBS. He made French cooking seem so effortless and fun. I have a couple of his cookbooks, and I especially like Jacques Pepin Fast Food My Way (2004). It’s fun to read and the recipes actually appear manageable for the home cook. Last night, I tried his recipe for chicken bouillabaisse. In Pepin’s words, “This dish, made with chicken, kielbasa, Continue reading