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Dinner: Fresh Bread & Roasted Vegetables

I’ve been making bread using my homemade sourdough starter for a couple weeks now. I’m on try #4 and each one gets a little more sourdough-y. I’m not sure, but I’m assuming that the sourdough starter gets more and more sour as as you use it and feed it. The last two tries, I’ve put the dough in two standard loaf pans. It’s easier to slice and use for toast and sandwiches this way. Take a look:  Continue reading


Sourdough Starter & Sourdough French Bread

“There is no reason I shouldn’t be making my own bread.” This was me a couple parties ago when I had just started my own sourdough starter. I LOVE sourdough bread. When given the option, I will ALWAYS get sourdough. I had been wanting to make my own for a long time. Enter A World of Breads by Dolores Casella (published in 1966!). I believe that I have mentioned my love of cookbooks and that I have quite a few older ones. I’ve been perusing this one quite a bit, and found a starter recipe and a sourdough french bread recipe. I’ve tried making the bread twice Continue reading